We have been operating in Edenkoben/Edesheim since 1957 and have remained a family-run business in the third generation to this day.

Foundation of the company dreiwo

Karl Dreißigacker and Helmut Wollmann found the company dreiwo (Dreißigacker und Wollmann) based in Edenkoben. The first focus is on the production of crates for breweries, as well as wine crates for local winemakers. The first special pallets also leave the production line.


Dissolution of the company dreiwo/ foundation of the company dreiso

After leaving the company dreiwo, Karl Dreißigacker and his son Herbert Dreißigacker founded dreiso GmbH & Co KG, Dreißigacker und Sohn, based in Edesheim. Here, the focus was also shifted to the production of special and CP pallets. The company dreiso started with 20 employees on 4.000 m² and grew to 30 employees and 8.000 m² at its location in Edesheim.


Change of name to dreiso GmbH Dreißigacker & Sohn


Foundation of the company dreiwo GbR

Herbert Dreißigacker and Martin Wolf again found a dreiwo GbR (Dreißigacker and Wolf) based in Edenkoben. Here the focus is on services in the field of service and trade of production equipment for wood processing.


the dreiwo GbR is registered under the trademark license number D-308

Certified repairer of EPAL euro pallets and EPAL mesh boxes. The company’s focus is shifted to the trade of mesh boxes and Euro pallets, as well as their sorting and repair. Since then we have been repairing Euro pallets, skeleton containers and special load carriers for our customers in various industries.


Construction of the drying chamber at the Edenkoben site

Due to globalization, more and more goods are exported on pallets to third countries. However, these so-called export plates must undergo special treatment. Recognized measures for treating the packaging are heat treatment or fumigation with methyl bromide. dreiso GmbH applies the method of heat treatment. Materials treated in this way are then marked with an IPPC stamp. For this purpose, two drying kilns from Mühlböck with an innovative heat recovery system were built at the Edenkoben site. This allows the drying chambers to be operated in an energy-efficient and cost-effective manner.


Relocation of the dreiso GmbH headquarters to Edenkoben

In order to meet the constantly growing demands of the increasingly complex pallet market, the space for storage and production had to be expanded once again. However, no further land was available for expansion in Edesheim. Therefore, the company moved to the premises in Edenkoben, which were already used by dreiwo GbR. Thus, dreiso GmbH and dreiwo GbR already united at one location and shared grounds and office space. This resulted in new warehouses and production halls, as well as a modern office. The better transport connections and the larger space available enable more efficient work.


Construction of a 400 kw PV system on all available roof surfaces


Expansion of the storage area in Edenkoben

dreiso GmbH expanded its storage capacity with the construction of covered storage areas. This ensures that all pallets that have been treated in our own drying chamber can be stored dry.


Development and patenting of a plug-in system for export packaging

Exclusive production of this box system under the brand name FM-Box®. Construction of a production line with a CNC machining center.


Development and patenting of a four-way pallet 600x800mm


Merger of dreiso GmbH and dreiwo GbR

dreiso GmbH and dreiwo GbR merge on 01.01.2018 and continue to exist together as dreiso GmbH. This merger enables dreiso GmbH to face the increasingly complex packaging market in a future-oriented and powerful way. Resources could be bundled and structures set up in a lean and efficient manner. At this time, we manage more than 25,000 square meters of premises with more than 50 employees.


the dreiso GmbH is registered under the trademark license number D-891

Certified dealer for EPAL euro pallets and EPAL mesh boxes.


Renewal and modernization of existing production facilities, as well as the expansion of pallets manufacturing capacity.

2019 – 2022

To ensure quality, we have been ISO 9001 certified since 2021. We are also PEFC-CoC (Chain of Custody) certified to ensure sustainability. Furthermore, we are a member of the Bundesverband Holzpackmittel, Paletten, Exportverpackung e. V. (HPE). In the Rhineland-Palatinate Sawmill and Timber Industry Association, our Managing Director, Herbert Dreißigacker, is the second Chairman.