Load-bearing spacers connecting floor and cross boards.

Bluish discoloration of wood caused by blue stain fungi and is seasonal. Since it is not a rot, the blue stain does not affect the stability of the wood.

One europallet consists of 11 boards and 9 blocks. Special nails hold the construct together. Characteristic for the appearance are the five longitudinal boards on the top of the pallet.

A crate is a container for transporting hard, soft and liquid objects and substances.

Box Pallets are mainly used for storage of smaller goods and materials (bulk). Due to the grid walls, the products can not fall out. Thus, small goods can be produced, stored and transported directly from the production line into the mesh box.

Burning in of characters (e.g. DB, EUR, EPAL for EURO pallets)

Industrial pallets standardized by the “Verband der Chemischen Industrie e. V.” and the “Association for Plastic Manufacturers in Europe”.

Crate is a packing material in which the packaged goods are packed.

Removing the bark from logs.

Pallet used as an exchange pallet between industry and trade, especially in the food and beverage sector.

Process in which wood is dried in a closed chamber under heat and moisture control to achieve the required moisture content.

Reusable display pallet which, unlike the conventional display pallet, can be driven on from all four sides.

Rigid or foldable wooden frame for safe storage and stacking of goods.

A Euro pallet (also known as Euro exchange pallet, Euro pool pallet or Euro pallet) is a returnable pallet standardized according to EN 13698-1. It is used for transporting cargoes.

The product name “FM-Box®” is an abbreviation and stands for:
– Fix mountable BOX
– Fast Mounted BOX
– Facile Mountable BOX
– Facilement Montable BOX

Pallet accessible by pallet truck or forklift from all four sides.

Process in which pallets are heated until they reach a minimum temperature in accordance with IPPC standard ISPM 15 for a minimum period of time.

Offsetting the outer blocks.

ISPM 15 is an international standard for phytosanitary measures for wood packaging in international trade of goods. All Euro pallets receive a special heat treatment in drying chambers, where the wood is heated to a core temperature of 56° C for at least 30 minutes.

EPAL grid box consists of a steel grid frame, and 4 boards as the bottom.